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The Journey to Lupan-On


The third installment in the best-selling series that kicked off with The Mythology Class, which Publishers Weekly called "a must-read" and a "genre-defining classic of Filipino comics."

It's open season on the Mythology Class as an army of the undead hunts them down!

The next chapter in the
Mythology Class saga, this pulse-pounding epic plays out in the porous border between worlds. The Mythology Class has been placed in desperate situations before, but a new influx of evil must be driven back. Will the former classmates return to their former glory and summon the strength that once united their team?

The Mythology class friends thought they were safe from the Dark Anitos, but now the evil Budniaan has arrived in their world with his army of zombie warriors and demented engkantos demons, and their lives are once again at stake.

With Rey and Misha on the other side of the globe and the group at odds over what to do, the one course they can all agree on is the inevitable one--reunite and combine their strengths to thwart Budiaan's threat. Revisiting a scene of their past triumphs, the group uncovers an ancient artifact. Will it lead them to the safety of the Skyworld, the spirit realm?

Will this group of intrepid adventurers be able to summon the spirit of resistance that once defined them? As the most powerfully evil force they've ever faced reaches their borders, they're not really given a choice!

This book can stand on its own, though it is part of an ongoing series. A recap at the beginning helps refresh the memories of readers, and for those new to the series, provides the background of the story.