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Message from the Arkipelago Staff

Hello Mga Kaibigan!

Please enjoy our free shipping code: APRILPADALA2021

We wish to thank our Arkipelago Community for your continued support of Arkipelago and our efforts to provide Filipino Books & Culture across the globe.

Through challenges and shifts, we are grateful that our online services have proved to be useful to our customers in absence of our shop at 1010 mission. We hope to refine customer experience further and appreciate the publishers and distributors in the Philippines, as well as our staff who have pivoted to meet the demands of the day.

In the new year we look forward to supplementing your book-shopping experience with staff consultations, and author connections as well as a long-awaited book club. For updates and special offers, please enter your email at the bottom of this home page to subscribe to Arkipelago’s newsletter. Also, find us on instagram and facebook.

Currently, our brick & mortar remains shuttered at the Bayanihan Community Center. We continue our online efforts in order to prioritize the safety of our customers, as well as the clients and staff at Bayanihan. We look forward to seeing you soon and until then we hope you find a nice spot to read a good book.



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