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Written in three Philippine languages by a variety of young Filipino authors from across the archipelago, the twelve stories in Lamyos: New LGBTQ Fiction from the Philippines seek not only to present a variety of sexually dissident, gender-nonconformist, and/or queer subjectivities but also to problematize heteronormative gender and sexuality - and their privileging of het-conjugal and cisgendered sexual bonds - as well as the appropriations of these and all other "global" forms of desire in our country, where they can only exist as syncretisms of local and translocal conceptions. 

As exemplary instances of imaginative queer literacy, these stories may be seen to exhibit the idea of "intersectionalities" : the intricate and mutually implicating layers of realities and circumstances - the complexity- that necessarily attend the materiality of LGBTQ being... As these stories so memorably demonstrate, because the oppression suffered by the queer individuals as manifold and intersecting, so are the resources of queer agency, so is the dignity and the luminous truth of queer lives.


Lang: English