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Seventeen Prayers to the Many-Eyed Mother

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In this highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s A Bottle of Storm Clouds, award-winning author Eliza Victoria returns with seventeen stories of displacement, disillusionment, desperation, and loneliness.

In Seventeen Prayers to the Many-Eyed Mother, characters seek solace—wittingly or unwittingly—in forces beyond human comprehension. A young woman agrees to make a blood sacrifice in exchange for an American visa. Strangers find themselves stuck in a fatal time loop in a convenience store. A plane crash survivor on a deserted island believes a deity’s name has been carved into the rocks. A broke tourist meets a being untouched by time and space. Diwata, in hopes of assimilation into human society, agree to have their wings surgically removed. And within the darkness of an old mansion, a figure in white appears by the doorway…