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THE Amazing Beasts of Philippine Mythology

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Meet the creepy creatures and amazing beasts from Philippine mythology!

This delightful compendium of mythical creatures (and where to find them) takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the ghoulish and gory things that go bump in the night—blood-sucking trolls, shape-shifting goblins and terrifying vampires who defend their turf with glee as they unleash chaos in the world.

Monsters and magical creatures spring vividly to life on every page of this book thanks to the exceptional artistic talents of some of Asia's leading children's book illustrators. Brief bilingual descriptions and dazzling illustrations introduce 56 fun, freaky and fearsome creatures, including:

  • Mandurugos — whose long tongues slither down through cracks in the ceiling to suck out the souls of unsuspecting sleepers at night
  • Busos — who noisily gather in cemeteries to dig up and consume freshly-buried corpses
  • Tiktiks — who swoop, hop and crawl as they prey on babies, the elderly and pregnant women
  • Batibats — who drop from the house beams at night to suffocate sleepers with their huge bodies

And yes, they live among us—in secret burrows, hollow trees, underwater caverns—and especially in the spaces we call home. "Tabi-tabi po" is the phrase to be invoked in their presence, meaning, "Kindly step aside, Sir, and allow me to pass." These words are respectfully addressed to the unseen creatures who jealously guard their turf and don't take kindly to trespassers, intentional or otherwise.

So be forewarned as you venture into this supernatural realm. Get acquainted with these amazing beasts, and remember to say, "Tabi-tabi po!" when you meet them!