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The Adventures of Gabby Ghas

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THE ADVENTURES OF GABBY GHAS (The Story About a Grain of Rice) Palay - Bigas - Kanin

Written by: Virna Karla A. Sabastian, Erika Thea H. Ajes, Aya M. Arce
Illustrated by: Eisen V. Bernardo

GABBY GHAS is a grain of palay who wants to know his place in the world.

Accompanied by his buddy snail, Hermes, Gabby journeys through the palayan (rice field) in search of his life’s purpose. Along the way both friends encounter seedlings, weeds, predatory insects, and pesticide officers whose job is to protect the ever-precious rice plants from harm—all help to make Gabby realize just how special he is.

Youngsters will delight in Gabby’s exciting adventures as he is milled, hulled, and sold to market, to his moment of destiny on a hungry boy’s plate. Eisen Bernardo’s charming illustrations adorn a well-told story that encapsulates for young people the hidden science behind the sustained production of the world’s most widely eaten staple food.

Trim size: 9.75 x 8 inches
No. of pages: 32 pp plus cover
Year Published: 2009