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Bugtong Bugtong 2 - More Filipino Riddles

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BUGTONG, BUGTONG 2: More Filipino Riddles

Illustrated by: Daniel Palma Tayona

Dala-dala mo siya.
Dala-dala ka niya.


In this charming collection of 57 riddles in Filipino, all eyes are on Oskar, a dog that roams his master’s house and the fields beyond, playfully encountering adventures and objects presented in the form of a riddle. Creator Daniel Palma Tayona’s rich and warm palette floods the book with happy sunshine.

The book is an endearing salute to the late great children’s book author Rene O. Villanueva, who wrote and collected the original Bugtong, Bugtong edition (Tahanan Books, 1998). Follow Oskar’s canine capers as he unlocks the secrets of the Filipino language. Let the guesswork begin!

(This book includes answers in English.)

Size: 6 x 9 in
ISBN: 978-971-630-173-1
Year Published: 2013