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The Black Bestiary: An Alejandro Pardo Compendium by Budjette Tan, Kajo Baldisimo, David Hontiveros, Bow Guerrero, and Mervin Malonzo is the follow-up to the group’s The Lost Journal of Alejandro Pardo: Creatures & Beasts of Philippine Folklore released in April 2016. Picking up where the first book left off, The Black Bestiary now sees the series’ narrator hiding away as he continues to grapple with the odd occurrences—including the disappearance of Pardo’s descendant. What he didn’t count on was that the publishing of this lost journal would cause many more people who had crossed paths with the supranatural to come forward and reveal terrifying tales of their own. One of them would hold the key to one of Alejandro Pardo’s own dark secret that has been kept hidden throughout the centuries.