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Why Islam & Why Balik Islam


Why Islam & Why Balik Islam

There are so much biases and prejudices between the Muslim Filipino and his Christian brothers that the tension between them is quite often very palpable. These biases and prejudices might have been brought about by the projected values of the missionaries, both Muslim and Christian. Both sides do not mitigate the situation. As a matter of fact, because of ignorance, they perpetuate the standoff. 

The Spanish conquistadores have a definite hatred and bigotry towards their traditional enemies. They were under the Moors of Morocco for more than 888 years. The Arabs who brought Islamic faith into our shores might also have a definite hatred and biases against the Europeans, especially the Spaniards, because of the past wars between the two religions in the not so distant past.

The Malay brothers in either side of the Muslim-Christian conflict might have different ways of looking at things that strained all the more the sometimes volatile relationship. Understanding the bases of their differences may help foster peace and enhance a caring and loving relationship between the two religions. This might work towards a better exchange of ideas and dreams for nation building - the building of a better Philippines.