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Tropical Baroque

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Tropical Baroque: Four Manileño Theatricals celebrates the depth and the vibrancy of National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin’s dramatic output.

Set in old Manila, “A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino” revolves around two spinster sisters, Paula and Candida Marasigan, as they struggle but remain determined to fight for all the things precious to their family. This play has gone on to be adapted for the screen in both musical and non-musical form.

In “Tatarin,” Doña Lupe stands firm on her ideas on feminism. Her first participation in the three-day fertility ritual where women dance around the balite gives her the opportunity to express dominion over man as she did to her husband, Don Paeng. This play has also been adapted for the screen.

In “Fathers and Sons,” Bessie fights back against the shadows cast by her past as an abandoned child sold and bought into the life of a prostitute.

“The Beatas” illustrates the leadership of modern views and actions of Antonia Ezguerra and Sebastiana de Santa Maria, along with their fellow beatas, as they stand their ground despite the challenge from the patriarchy of the Holy Church to shut down the first beaterio in Manila.