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The Thirdest World

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THE THIRDEST WORLD includes the work of Gina Apostol, Eric Gamalinda, and Lara Stapleton, winners of the Philippine National Book Award, the Philippine Centennial Literary Prize, and the Pen Open book award, respectively. The three writers, from three greatly varied perspectives, take a look at the histories of struggle, travel and loss inherent to the colonial experience. Two works of fiction are included by each author, along with an essay that discusses the relationship between identity and narrative in each writer's work. All three writers see a profound relationship between postmodern structures and the disjointed history of a twice-colonized country: the Philippines changed hands from Spain to the United States in 1898. Passionate, intricate, witty, subtle, wise and wildly fresh and new, THE THIRDEST WORLD will give readers fascinating trips over the Pacific and into novel worlds of creativity.