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The Little Pulutan Book

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Part of the Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series, a collection of little books on Philippine cuisine and beverage, which serves as an easy, fast guide for today’s cosmopolitan kitchens and busy bodies. 

“In the Philippines, probably the most popular—and effective—way to celebrate and strengthen friendships is by coming together over a round of drinks. And in the Philippines, wherever there is drinking, there is sure to be a plate of pulutan.

 The pulutan, after all, whether it is a plate of peanuts or a sumptuous seafood dish, is as much an essential part of the inuman, as the beer or liquor itself, and deserves some special attention.

 This cookbook offers an assortment of pulutan dishes that are guaranteed to go well with any kind of beer or liquor. There is something here for everyone, from crispy finger foods to fancy meat dishes. For those who love to cook as well as to drink, this little collection of exciting pulutan is sure to please.”