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The Little Pancit Book

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Part of the Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series, a collection of little books on Philippine cuisine and beverage, which serves as an easy, fast guide for today’s cosmopolitan kitchens and busy bodies.


“No Filipino can ever grow up without a love for pancit. Inherited from our Chinese ancestors, this dish symbolizes long life, is almost always present on the table on birthdays, eaten during wakes to ‘lengthen’ lives of loved ones left behind. Pancit is a next staple to rice in the Philippine diet and through the years has risen up from its status as snack to an actual meal item. In my travels all over the Philippines every small town boasts of a certain pancit dish that everybody prepares on ordinary days or special occasions. Though borrowed from our Chinese and Malay ancestors, pancit through the centuries has evolved and has become a truly Filipino dish and staple.”