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The Horseman's Revolt and other Horrors

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From the back cover:

George Deoso’s The Horseman’s Revolt and Other Horrors is tender and absurd; sometimes humorous and bone-chilling. Get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions. Set with young adult characters in modern Filipino society, it beckons readers to reconsider the dissonant and dark experiences of growing up. Mysterious with a hint of humor, these stories have willful yet vulnerable characters trying to make sense of ruinous circumstances. Deoso’s gift for mystery and storytelling keeps readers asking what happens next.
-Corin B. Arenas

Somewhere out there is a table of the finest Filipino tragicomics, and this debut book is Deoso’s ticket to a seat.
-Vincen Gregory Yu

George Deoso’s prose bristles with the kind of liveliness only found in the ever so slightly unhinged. The Horseman’s Revolt and Other Horrors is for the angels and devils that cohabit inside us. It is not, however, for the prudish.
-Jam Pascual

Each piece in George Deoso’s The Horseman’s Revolt and Other Horrors is a nightmarish parable. Like Kafka, Deoso imbues his stories with a subtle, dark humor. This of course doesn’t downplay the overt and covert violence depicted in the stories; this instead emphasizes the unfortunate, banal indifference a society relentlessly exposed to blood and gore develops over time. Taken as a whole, this collection allegorizes the horrors of living in contemporary Filipino society.
-Jade Mark Capiñanes