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The Children of Bathala Vol.1

Twenty years after the events of The Mythology Class...

Bidding a pleasant farewell, Mrs. Enkanta left to continue her journey through time. Nicole and her friends adventures into the realm of myth and magic were seemingly over.

However, things have not been peaceful over the past two decades.: Lane has lost her telepathic powers; Kubin is weakening; Rey and Misha have mysteriously gone missing; and doubts about Enkanta's true purpose are growing.

As their friendships, once strong and binding, slowly fall apart, Nicole senses a dark spell affecting them all.

Convinced that those cherished days they shared in the Mythology Class are fading away, Nicole is unaware that a new band of visitors from the magical world of Ibalon have arrived. These beings hold the key to unlocking an ancient mystery; one that may reveal a frightening terror, but also open an enchanting new world for Nicole, her friends, and her daughter Princess Marilag.