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Sugilanong Sugboanon: Cebuano Fiction Until 1940

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Modern prose fiction in Cebuano has its beginnings in the nineteenth century. In this respect, its emergence antedates the appearance of the first short stories and novels in much of Southeast Asia. Beyond this note of historical importance, however, Cebuano fiction is of value in itself, as a body of literary art, and for what it can reveal to us of Cebuano and Philippine culture. This anthology (a separate volume has a selection from 1941 until 2005, forthcoming) gathers thirteen stories by Antonio Ubeda de la Santisima Trinidad, Vicente Sotto, Escolastico Morre, Juan I. Villagonzalo, Amando Osorio, Vicente Garces, Vicente Rama, Pantaleon V. Kardenas, Flaviano Boquecosa, Marcel M. Navarra, Estrella D. Alfon, Florentino D. Tecson, and Antonio M. Abad. With an Introduction by Resil B. Mojares.