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Magosaha: An Ethnography of the Tawi-Tawi Sama Dilaut

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This book is a summation of H. Arlo Nimmo's anthropological research among the boat-dwelling Sama Dilaut (aka Bajau) of the Tawi-Tawi Islands in the southern Philippines. This research includes five field trips over a span of almost forty years during which the Sama Dilaut underwent significant changes resulting primarily from the ongoing civil unrest in the Sulu Islands, massive emigration and economic changes. Magosaha is a description of the traditional culture Nimmo encountered when he began his research in the 1960s. Topics covered include material culture, economics, social organization, religion and arts. A final chapter discusses the changes that have occurred since Nimmo began his research. The boat-dwelling culture described in this book no longer exists in the Phlippines; consequently, this book documents a bygone chapter in Philippine history and ethnography.