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Self Care Zines


Reynaldo A Culannay Jr was born and raised in Richmond, California. He was educated at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, studying Asian American Studies and Media Studies (double major).

As a First Generation college student, Second Generation immigrant, gay, Filipino-American cis-male, Culannay's foundation is rooted from enduring the hardships tied to his identity. The impacts of facing challenging experiences lead Culannay to become conscious of the complex and systemic issues around him. Through being involved in creative art communities, he processed his hardships through finding his voice and participating in spaces that share stories to learn and heal.

From musical theater in high school to photography in college, teachers, and mentors inspired him to become an artist with the responsibility to both educate others about his unique experiences and give opportunities to process and reflect. His hope is to contribute to the art community and advocate others in experiencing the power of art for themselves and their communities.