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Scripted By Men Not By Fate: Andres Bonifacio in Cavite


An Analytical Narrative with Commentary on Selected Sources

This is an analytical study of crucial documents that shed light on the last few months of Andres Bonifacio's life in the province of Cavite. On the basis of its findings, the study calls for a drastic revision of the historiography of those events dealing with the life of this national hero and the fate of the Philippine Revolution of 1896-97.

Internal analyses of key documents, mainly memoirs, indicate massive distortion of history by means of forged documents and manipulated records, particularly the so-called Bonifacio letters. The study shows, among other things, that Emilio Aguinaldo availed himself of invented stories and speeches in his memoirs. 

Presented in chronological narrative form, this study focuses on the controversial Tejeros Convention of 25 March 1897 and its aftermath: the clandestine oath-taking ceremony in Tanza, the railroading of the establishment of a so-called "Philippine Republic" in Naik on 21-22 April 1897 that culminated in rebel capitulation to the Spaniards led by Emilio Aguinaldo and his partisans at Biac na Bato.

The study explains how one man supported by his military clique was able to do all this. A conspiracy to eliminate Andres Bonifacio as supreme leader of the Philippine Revolution was hatched while Cavite was in the throes of the uprising. Lies were circulated to malign the Katipunan Supremo, soldiers on both sides of the political divide (Magdalos and Magdiwangs) were corrupted: overwhelming military and political advantage were used to intimidate people, that in the end tilted the balance of power in Cavite in favor or Emilio Aguinaldo and his supporters.