Red Poppies on the Road

Elmer A. Ordonez

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Red Poppies on the Road

"Why a memoir following an autobiographical novel Snows of Yesteryear: A Family in War and A Sentimental Education (UP Press, 2015). The latter is creative non-fiction which by definition does not have to hew too closely to actuality or fact. Hence a good part of Snows of Yesteryear are imagined (originally intended as short fiction) or approximations of what really happened to suit a novelistic flow.

Red Poopies on the Road thus complements Snows of Yesteryear in point of fact which is the basis after all of creative non-fiction. This memoir constitutes remembrances of times past and the people who made an impression on the author's life and outlook. There are no deliberate modifications of the truth. Since a number were columns they represent the author's views or opinions at the time of writing"

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