Press: 100 Love Letters

Laurel F. Fantuzzo, Francesca Rendle-Short

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Press: 100 Love Letters

How does anyone write about love?

The Chinese Love Letter, or kuih kapit, is a hot-pressed coconut waiter biscuit eaten traditionally during Chinese New Year. It is a way of celebrating beginnings at the start of a new year; it is an offering of sweetness at the end of an old one. Kuih, in Malay, means bite-sized snack, and kapit means to pinch or compress. You eat Love Letters for Prosperity. You savor one slowly. Or you consume as many as you can. 

So, too, with the one hundred love letters pressed between the pages of this book. Sweet text messages saved forever. Letters of longing crafted with perfect heat. Affectionate illustrations shaped by hand. Playing cards with bite. Press: 100 Love Letters collects love letters from women across the Asia-Pacific region. Savor each letter slowly. Or consume as many as you can.


Lang: English