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Philippine Folk Literature Series: The Proverbs, Vol: VI

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Philippine Folk Literature: The Proverbs is Volume VI of the author's eight-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series.

The present collection focuses on the proverb -- a terse didactic statement, handed down through generations, the wisdom of many and the wit of one. It ordinarily suggests a course of action or passes judgement on a situation.

This work is a national collection of Philippine proverbs -- a putting together of available proverbs from all over the country, listed alphabetically, in dictionary fashion, according to the most significant word in the English translation. Thirty-six Philippine languages are represented in this collection.

As an introduction to the collection, the essay,"Philippine Proverb Lore," is reprinted here, to provide readers with an overview. 

For each entry, the following information are given: (1) the English translation. (2) the proverb in its original Philippine language or languages. (3) language label and source (collector/collections); and (4) foreign parallels, if any.