Movement Movin'

Once upon a time, a small crew of community organizers started jamming together on the weekends; an opportunity to bring their politics and values into a creative, musical space. Highlighted by lead vocalist/rapper Kiwi Illafonte (Native Guns) and bassist Paul Bolick-Mausisa (One Struggle), as well as up-and-coming guitar wunderkind Ervin Lopez, they started crafting songs and rocking shows around the Bay. Three years later, this band, now known by many as Mass Bass, is finally releasing their debut album Movement Movin’. 

“Movement Movin’ reflects the maturity of the Bay Area scene. Anybody who’s been saying ‘what’s the soundtrack for the movement?’ this album fits the bill. AND it’s funky, it’s a head-nodder, it’s dope.” 
- Davey D, Hard Knock Radio 

The first single “Gangsta Warrior” (which includes a video directed by Sine 68 productions) paints the day-to-day stories and struggles of everyday working people narrated over a live, reggae-influenced backdrop. “We wanted to accentuate the experiences of those in our lives who go about their days hustling and grinding; our modern-day warriors providing for the community,” Kiwi explains. 

Original and timely, the nine tracks on Movement Movin’ cover themes such as cultural identity, economic injustice, immigration & migration, and government corruption. The album is available at retailers Solespace (Oakland), Arkipelago Books (SF), East Wind Books (Berkeley), Amoeba Music (Berkeley/SF), Rasputin Music (Berkeley/SF), or online at CD baby and Bandcamp. 

About Mass Bass 
Mass Bass is a 7-piece funky hip hop radical soul collective from Oakland, CA. The group consists of Armael Malinis on keys, Ervin Lopez on guitar/background vocals, Jay Conui on Drums, Kiwi Illafonte on raps/vocals, Paul Bolick on Bass, Tina Shauf on background vocals, and Tony Daquipa on congas/percussion. 

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