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Marcos Martial Law

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In September 1972, Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law, plunging the Philippines into 14 years of a brutal Dictatorship that only ended when he was chased out of the Country. *The Hallmark of his Dictatorship was repression: the systematic use of terror, torture, and murder. Thousands were killed, tens of thousands more suffered torments in "TACTICAL INTERROGATION" sessions conducted by the military, particularly the Philippine Constabulary.  In this brief illustrated history, Journalist and Blogger Raissa Robles recounts Martial Law's grisly record of Human Rights violations, clearly establishing that torture was a deliberate policy of Marcos. She contexts this against a backdrop of historical events and explains why and how Marcos grabbed power under the guise of fighting a communist threat.  Published on the 30th Anniversary of the People Power uprising that overthrew Marcos. The book was edited by Award-Winning Journalist and Foreign Correspondent Alan Robles.

Lang: English