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Lumad: A Coloring Book

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Lumad: A coloring book with indigenous designs and patterns from Mindanao

A project by Salupongan International

Lumad refer to the indigenous peoples of Mindanao which accounts for 61% of the indigenous peoples in the Philippines. Like the indigenous minorities across the world, they continue to suffer from poverty and landlessness. The impacts of extractive industries and climate change challenge their survival.

This project aims to raise awareness about the lumads whose life and ardent struggle are beautifully expressed in the patterns woven on their clothing and jewelry, etched on their knives and wooden carvings, and whose brave defense of their land and life have inspired the images in this coloring book.

The proceeds of this project will be wholly dedicated to the education of lumad children who yearn to be able to read and write, save their community schools and strive for the survival of their people.