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Living and Dying: In Memory of 11 Ateneo de Manila Martial Law Activists

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From the preface:

This volume honors 11 Ateneo de Manila activists whose lives and deaths concretize the meaning of sacrifice and courage during the first decade--the most ruthless years--of the Marcos dictatorship. During this period the Ateneo de Manila found itself in the midst of a dark and highly volatile era. The stakes where naturally higher for Ateneo student activists committed to national liberation. This book memorializes the 11 young Ateneans who gave their lives for their convictions during those horrendous first ten years of martial law. In our hearts, we remember Ferdie Arceo, Bill Begg, Jun Celestial, Sonny Hizon, Edjop Jopson, Eman Lacaba, Dante Perez, Ditto Sarmiento, Lazzie Silva, Nick Solano, and Manny Yap. And with our remembering, we open a sacred space in our own lives for the mustard seeds of sacrifice and courage to grow abundantly, in the service of a nation chronically wracked by social suffering.



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