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Hunghang Flashbacks Book 1

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Hunghang Flashbacks: Hala Shet, Libro Na! is a collection funny comic strips, all new material, and other hilarious content featuring Hunghang Flashbacks’ relatable personalities: fraternal twins XY and XX; Chubs, the super-dramatic friend; GF, XY’s audacious girlfriend; Cutie aka Unit 7, the pretty friend; Crush, the boy next door who makes XX’s heart beat; and Beanie, the unfortunate friend who has unrequited feelings for XX. Acclaimed comic book artist Manix Abrera of Kikomachine Komix contributes a page to kick off your reading. Artwork pages featuring Hunghang Flashbacks’ lovable characters punctuate the book. Finally, a Q&A with creator D. Borja gives followers a glimpse into just how funny the brains behind Hunghang Flashbacks is.