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Pangasinan 1801 - 1900: The Beginnings of Modernization

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The Author

Rosario Mendoza Cortez graduated valedictorian from San Carlos Rural High School (now SPENAS) in San Carlos, Pangasinan in 1939. She then went to the University of the Philippines where she obtained all her academic degrees: B.S.E. (cum laude, 1951), M.A. In History (1966) and Ph.D. In Philippine Studies (1979).

At present, Dr. Cortes is a professor emeritus at the Department of History of the University of the Philippines.

In 1989 three awards were bestowed on her: the "Distinguished Carlenian Award" on 1 January; the "PI Lambda Theta Award" in their "Salute in Eminant Filipino Women Educations" on 11 February; and the "Award of Distrinction in the Field of Local History" at the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Homecoming on 24 June.

Dr. Cortes was president for two years (1984-85) and is the current secretary of the Philippine Historical Association (PHA_. She is a member of the Research Committee of the Philippine Social Science Council, the Phi Kappa Phi and PI Gamma Mu (U.P. Chapter), the Philippine National Science Society (National Research Council of the Philippines), the Philippine Studies Association; and fellow of the Philippine Association for the Adcancement of Science.

Her two other books are Pangasinan, 1572-1800 and Pangasinan 1901-1986. A Political, Socioeconomic and Cultural History.