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History of the Philippines focus PELBURGOMZA: Galvanizers of Filipino Freedom Independence 1812-1872

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History of the Philippines focus on PELBURGOMZA: Galvanizers of Filipino Freedom and Independence 1812-1872

This book will serve as a legacy and reminder to every freedom-loving Filipino. If ever we want to move on and cultivate the liberty and democracy we so hardly earned, we must be grounded at the labors of the past. We can only cherish the value of nationalism if we, of the present generation, realize the pains and struggles of our forefathers. Moreover, this book will also put into proper perspective the role of the Catholic Church vis-a-vis the Philippine revolution. Much literature has been proliferated and quite a number have been one-sided and biased against the institutional Church. Not a few would drastically equate oppression with the Church. Fr. Luengo's research will thereby enlighten us. Yes, the established Church may have her faults, but her very sons also tried to redeem what was lost. Hence, we are afforded a balanced outlook for the whole situation... -Jaime L. Cardinal Sin, D.D. (Archbishop of Manila)