Mabini and the Philippine Revolution

Cesar Adib Majul

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Mabini and the Philippine Revolution

This book is not exclusively a biography or a history. It is mainly an attempt to view and analyze the great and dramatic events of the Philippine Revolution through the eyes and mind of an intellectual leader who not only helped to trace the route of the Revolution, but also left a record of his reflections upon its gains, failures, and tendencies. However, Mabini could have erred in his report of certain facts, and his judgment could have been lured by his prejudices. When possible, such limitations of Mabini are pointed out. But that he could err in the analysis of events that intimately concerned and affected him is itself significant; for it becomes possible, with the knowledge of certain facts, to deduce the nature and genesis of his preconceptions as reflective of his social status and times. Thus, this work is not limited to the role of Mabini in the Revolution or to his reflections on the Revolution. It discusses both his judicious prognostications and errors in the light of historical events and Philippine social structure during and after his life.

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