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FURY tote bag

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Collaboration with 
@bayaniart x @arkipelagobooks x @somapilipinas

FURY Tote bags featuring the Filipina Shero, ‘Henerala’ Gabriela Silang 

An Ilokana revolutionary leader best known as the first female head of a Filipino movement for independence from Spain, she took over the reins of her husband Diego Silang's revolutionary movement after his assassination in 1763, leading the Ilokano rebel movement for four months before she was captured and executed by the colonial government of the Spanish East Indies. Feared by the invading Spaniards for her ferocity in battle and cleverness in strategy, a massive majestic statue of ‘Henerala’ raising her sword astride a rearing bronco stands today in the heart of Makati City, the financial corridor of Manila.