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Divide by Two

The Philippine media are as divided, and the division as masked. Mostly unremarked is the distinction between the dominant media (often mistakenly labeled the mainstream) and the alternative. But equally unnoticed is the segmentation within the dominant or corporate media themselves in terms of the audiences they address, which they separate into, on the one hand, the elite and middle class audience, and on the other, the mass or D and E audience. The division is evident across all the news media. In print the division between the broadsheets and the tabloids is manifest in the language used (English for the former, Filipino for the latter) as well as cost per copy. But even more expressive of this division is the difference in content, which, in addition to the assumption that English is the language of excellence and Filipino the language of mediocrity, assumes a difference in terms of interest and levels of appreciation and understanding.–From the Introduction