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Ang Ambisyosong Istetoskop/The Ambitious Telescope/A Book in 2 Languages

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Bilingual Tagalog - English children's book. Most of the stories we know about Rizal focus on his being a writer, and its role in his becoming a hero. Seldom do we hear stories that show the doctor in him. And so the author thought of going through Rizal's medical instruments. Did Pepe own a stethascope? Even if we do not see pictures of Pepe with a stethascope, the author believes that all doctors own this kind of instrument. And Pepe is no exception. Even eye doctors use stehoscopes. In this book, Istet, an ambitious stethascope, tells the story of a 'brown-skinned doctor of small build' whom he met in Madrid. How did a stethoscope get involved in our history? Let us listen to Istet's story. Books Of Experience Books in this series are especially relevant to teaching the child his role as a responsible member of his family and his community. Under this series are topics on caring for the environment, relating with other people, and caring for one's self.Recommended for children 8-10 years old.