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Brokering A Revolution


Brokering A Revolution: Cadres in a Philippine Insurgency, sheds new light on the history of the CPP-NPA in the Philippines, the oldest active revolutionary movement in Southeast Asia. On center stage are the cadres in the cities, villages, and distant hide-outs who did the actual work of handling relations with comrades, supporters, allies, and adversaries and mediated between central leadership and local populations -- often with unintended effects. They "brokered" the movement into existence and profoundly affected the course of the insurgency (the expansion, splits, and decline), changing the wider society in the process. The authors offer original research on cadres in NGOs, transnational networks, urban and village arenas, and among "indigenous" and multi-ethnic populations. By exploring frictions and shifts in allegiance, they capture the dynamics of "relational work" that shapes a social movement.