Baro: Philippine Fabric and Fashion

Mons Romulo-Tantoco (editor)

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Baro: Philippine Fabric and Fashion

All over Southeast Asia, our neighboring countries like Indonesia and Thailand take great pride in their costumes and fabrics. It is clear that we can be equally proud of our beautiful textiles and fashion. We believe it important then that we put together a publication which will showcase one of our richest resources: the fine quality of our fabrics -- especially pina and intricately embroidered jusi. It is our attention that such a publication will also call attention to the boundless and inexhaustible talents of Philippine designers and the many other members of the fashion field. For such a tome, what better models can truly showcase our elegant ensembles but our many accomplished women who are leaders in the field of politics? They are truly paragons of achievement and integrity. The result of this vision to celebrate the best in our country is the present book, BARO: PHILIPPINE FABRIC AND FASHION. We hoe that it will convincingly show Filipinos in the best light: arrayed in the finsest textiles woven by Filipino hands and transformed into cutting-edge fashion by Filipino artistry. We hope that it will serves as an inspiration and information source for the many practitioners of the fashion industry. We hope that in face of all the many problems if this country, this book will remind us that there is still so much that we can celebrate. For above all, this book should make it very clear that Filipinos have one talent which will see us through any crisis -- Creativity!

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