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Sparrows Don't Sing in the Philippines

This work is the author's second novel of a projected political trilogy. First in the series is the novella Tiger Orchids on Mount Mayon (1990). Critic Isagani R. Cruz of De Salle University writes that Tiger Orchids "is a marvelous display of thrilling storytelling, political commentary and acute (and accurate) observation." Father Joseph A. Galdon of Ateneo calls it "an auspicious beginning to the trilogy. It has vision, the underlying theme of Filipino as alien in a foreign country, now transmuted into the Filipino as critical balikbayan, returning to the land of dreams and memories...The novella should have been (and could have been) a novel. But that is a criticism of technique, not of Lim's power as a writer." The third novel is entitled Requiem for a Rebel Priest.