Going Home to a Landscape - Writings By Filipinas

Marianne Villanueva & Virginia Cerenio (eds)

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Going Home to a Landscape - Writings By Filipinas

This collection touches on memory, love, the sorrow of loss, and childhood joy - all viewed through the prism of a unique Asian culture that is the product of American and Spanish colonization. The anthology gives voice and vision to the current condition of Filipinas throughout the world, while celebrating the lessons of childhood, memory, and place. These women challenge the traditional ideas of home and show how landscapes inhabit us, making up who we are, how we think, and how we live. Among the fifty-two contributors are M. Evelina Galang, Conchitina R. Cruz, Angela Narciso Torres, Merlinda Bobis, Luisa Igloria, Shirley Ancheta, Jean Vengua Gier, Linda Ty-Casper, and Christina Pantoja Hidalgo.

Lang: English

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