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#30 Collantes Street

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In #30 Collantes Street, author Lisa Suguitan Melnick experiences unexpected takes on both the foreign and the familiar of her ancestral roots. The stories reflect astute observations and discoveries and experiences in Cebu, Negros, Mindanao, Palawan, and Bohol. Melnick’s pieces also represent rites of passage gently evocative of the author’s childhood. #30 Collantes Street is a unique coming-of-age piece, in that the author was fifty-six-years-old when the gift of traveling to the Philippines unexpectedly allowed her to truly step in to herself. The experience defined the shape of her soul and spirit and for the first time, there on the crazy Manila streets, she discovered what she is made of.

These simple, eloquent vignettes lend fresh eyes to the splendor of Philippine nature and rhythmic pace of the life to first-time visitors and perhaps even more so to Filipinos born and raised in the Philippines.