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Ang Mundo Ni Andong Agimat

Sold out

Isang mundong puno ng misteryo't kababalaghan. Ito ang mundoo ni Andong Agimat.

Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat (or “The World of Andong Agimat“)  is inhabited by superheroes  steeped in mythology and sharpened by the dirty grey tabloid world. Superheroes that are different and yet familiar. New and yet remembered.

A cult leader, Jun Ereteo, has captured the forest deity Mariang Makiling and is using her blood to transform his followers into a ravaging group of superhuman thugs out to kill innocent people and destroy the city.

Armed with a magic talisman, Andong Agimat along with a group of equally powerful friends must confront Jun Ereteo and his minions and rescue the goddess before time runs out.

Lang: Tagalog