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Always Be Creating

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Always Be Creating: A Field Guide To Living A Creative Life, a book where Abbey gets candid by sharing her own anecdotes, insightful tips, and life hacks to inspire creatives both budding and experienced to achieve the art-enriched life they’ve always envisioned. Always Be Creating is divided into four chapters: Passion, Purpose, Process, and Pursuit. In this book, you will first learn to find your passion and follow your curiosities. Next, you will gain tips on setting realistic goals and figuring out how to achieve them. To refine your process, this book will then teach you how to use inspiration as a tool for creation, hone habits that will keep you going, and beat burnout and practice self-care. Finally, Always Be Creating will usher you onwards with advice on taking on commissioned work, putting your work out in the world, and defining success on your own terms.

Lang: English