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by Bob Ong
Sold out

"This book turned out to be like a self help book about adapting to being a youth and eventually adulting. It includes what to expect and how to react when one is already an adult. In this book he did not only became a family counselor offering practical tips about what worked for him being a husband and a father but also a financial guru (though putting a disclaimer that he’s not one) offering tips on how to handle finances.

Why I like about Bob Ong is that he knows how to adapt to the current tide, he knows about the current trends and he’s aware of the current issues. For this book, Bob Ong also tackled the proliferation of fake news and how we, as citizens, can educate ourselves how not to become a victim of one. The best part of this book for me is how it became a book about “netiquettes” or rules on how to behave and act properly in the internet community specifically on social media sites."