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Sold out

An immortal being.
Six individuals, trapped by fate.
All of time and space.

Doorkeeper has lived for an eternity and more, the unyielding guardian of the Ways of time and space. His task: to reveal to mortals the consequences of their choices. He does not interfere.

But then he meets a doomed warrior. A boy with an imaginary friend. A would-be king. A world-weary musician. A priest with a crisis of faith. A scientist faced with the ultimate choice.

And Doorkeeper travels with them, from prehistory to dictatorship, from World War II to the frontiers of the far future. Through colonial Intranuros, alleyway bars, and half-imagined queendoms.

Doorkeeper watches, listens, and learns. He maintains the Ways. He does his duty.

But perhaps even the oldest of beings can change.